Fundus Photography

Colour Images of Fundus

Stereo Disc Photography

Kowa Nonmyd7 Camera (incorporating Nikon D7000)


This is useful for any eye condition that could cause a change in the structure of the retina. This includes Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy. It is also used to monitor other types of lesion at the back of the eye. Stereo Disc Photography is used to monitor changes to the optic nerve heads. Images are taken at slightly different angles to help give an impression of the 3 dimensional structure.


Firstly, the pupils of the eyes will be dilated to allow us to get a good view of the back surface of the eye. Once the drops have worked, the patient places their chin on a chin-rest and the camera is brought into place in front of the eye. The patient will see a bright flash each time we take an image, which can dazzle the eyes for a few minutes afterwards. Depending on the type of photographs requested, several images will be captured.


The dilating drops used for this procedure will blur the vision for at least a few hours. You should not drive until the vision is back to normal.

How Long Does This Take?

This depends on how long it takes for the pupils to dilate. The photographs themselves may only take a few minutes but please allow 30-40 minutes.

Additional Information:

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