Coronavirus Essential Information

Essential information for patients and visitors regarding COVID-19

(Novel Coronavirus)

Our staff and consultants:

All our staff have regular antibody screens. All staff and consultants confirm daily they have no symptoms and have their temperature taken. They are required to wear the necessary PPE at all times.

Before arrival:

When booking the appointment we will ask you to confirm your contact details. Before the appoinment date we will then contact you to confirm that you have no symptoms or are self-isolating.

On arrival:

Please arrive on time as we minimise the number of patients in the building. We regret no accompanying adults or children can be allowed in with the exception of paediatric patients who may have one adult.

On arrival we will take your temperature and ask you to confirm you have no symptoms and have not been in contact with an infected person.

We will ask you to wash your hands before and after your visit. Your consultant and staff will wear PPE and we will clean before and after your visit