Fluorescein / ICG Angiography

Heidelberg Retinal Angiogram (Spectralis)

Fluorescein / ICG Investigations

Photographic quality printing


To investigate any leakages or blockages in the blood supply to the back of the eye.


Note: This procedure is arranged by the consultant, who needs to be present for the injection.
The pupils of the eyes will be dilated and we will take some conventional photographs of the back of the eyes before the angiogram itself. A coloured dye is injected into the blood-stream, either on the inside of the elbow or in the back of the hand. After about 15 seconds, the dye starts to appear in the vessels at the back of the eye. A camera is used to record the progress of the dye through the vessels.

What Preparation Should I Make?

We will need information about any medicines that you are taking and any allergies that you have.
Your pupils will be dilated for the test, so you should not drive as the vision will be blurry for a few hours afterwards.

How Long Does This Take?

Please allow about an hour for this procedure.